education technologies|Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Apple in the Classroom 

An Apple product for every student.

The best way to help students learn is on their own Mac, iPad or iPod touch. An Apple individual notebook program or mobile learning lab is the ideal way to make that happen. Or you can set up your own classroom technology lab with an Apple mobile cart. We make it easy with the right products, training, and support.

Apple Notebook Program

Providing your students with a notebook computer 24/7 gives them anytime access to research sites on the web, tools to help them express their knowledge, and an opportunity to improve their skills using educational software. Studies show that students who regularly use notebook computers score higher in writing assignments, demonstrate better analytical skills, engage in more problem solving, collaborate more, and have lower absenteeism and dropout rates. With a Mac, everything students need to experience learning is built in. So right out of the box, your students can easily explore a world of ideas and content, develop amazing projects with iLife, and collaborate with people around the globe.

To implement a comprehensive teaching and learning environment or to find out how thousands of schools around the world have done the same, call your Apple education representative.  Learn More…

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