education technologies|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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White Papers & Research

Benefits of Hands-On Manipulatives

Research from both learning theory and classroom studies shows that using manipulatives to help teach math can positively affect student learning. Learn about those benefits in “Research on the Benefits of Manipulatives,” and see how you can apply these proven hands-on techniques in your classroom. View now.

Academic Accolades

Rockford (IL) Partners with ETA/Cuisenaire for Algebra Success
Rockford (IL) high schools faced a real challenge – their Algebra failure rates were the highest in the state.  But with a coordinated Algebra program facilitated by ETA/Cuisenaire, test results improved dramatically and even those students who didn’t "get it" are now on board. Learn more.

Michigan’s EUPISD Recognizes Success with Algeblocks
The introduction of ETA/Cuisenaire’s Algeblocks to the curriculum of Michigan’s Easter Upper Peninsula Integrated School District has been successful on many levels.  Most significantly, proficiency in Algebra among intermediate students has risen substantially and continues to rise. Learn more.

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