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CenterStage Math

Ready-to-Use Centers Supplement and Enhance Any Math Curriculum! Using math centers in the classroom is now simpler and more manageable than ever before! Five topic-specific centers per grade level enable every student to work independently on meaningful mathematics content and for teachers to provide individual attention to other students. Develop an Entire Cast of Math Full Article


Improve Students’ Test Scores in Measurement with Systematic, Hands-On Instruction! MeasureWorks is a unique program dedicated to developing students’ measurement skills through systematic instruction and engaging measurement activities. Easy-to-follow ...Full Article

Cuisenaire Rods

Bring Over 75 Years of Successful Hands-On Learning Into Your Classroom! It started with Georges Cuisenaire. Seventy-five years ago, Belgian teacher Georges Cuisenaire invented a unique system for helping ...Full Article

The SuperSource Math

Access a Library of Ready-to-Use Lessons for Using Manipulatives! Grades K-8 Easy-to-use resources offer over 450 classroom-tested lesson plans targeting math skills required on standardized tests. Hands-on activities model ...Full Article

Learning Place® for Afterschool Math

Learning Place® for Afterschool Math Move Students to Mastery with Standards-Aligned Activities that Disguise Learning! Grades 2-5 Learning Place for Afterschool Math promotes achievement beyond the regular school day ...Full Article

Math Around the Home Game

Math Around the Home Game Introduce problem solving challenges that occur every day around the home. Students answer questions involving addition, subtraction, temperature, money, metrics, and liquid measurement. Two ...Full Article

Department Store Math Game

Department Store Math Game Players start with $200 and shop ’til they drop as they make purchases, compute change, pay returned check fees and finance charges, figure tax and ...Full Article

Menu Math Game

Menu Math Game This unique game provides players with $60 and 6 menus. Players interpret menus, purchase meals, earn money, and keep within a budget. Choices range from short-order ...Full Article

Math Memory Game

Math Memory Game An exciting alternative to traditional flashcards, this variation on the classic game concentration improves memory and sharpens addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Includes 70 Problem ...Full Article

Secondary Special Education Kits

Secondary Special Education Kits These collections of popular manipulatives allow students to progress in basic math skills, algebra, and geometry for middle and secondary school. Each kit supports up ...Full Article