education technologies|Thursday, August 22, 2019
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PlascoTrac Web 

PlascoTrac Web for Teachers

The power of PlascoTrac, extended to every device, every desktop. With PlascoTrac Web, you really can track student behavior anywhere you have a network connection. Imagine if you could allow every teacher to assign positive behavior points right in the classroom. Now you can.


PlascoTrac Web has been designed with help and input from 1000’s of teachers and administrators who challenged us to build a device-agnostic tool for tracking both positive and negative behaviors right in the classroom.


Our new and beautiful interface is intuitive, easy to learn and is seamlessly integrated with PlascoTrac as well as several SIS (Student Information Systems). There’s nothing to install, and there’s little or no setup required for teachers.

Teachers classes, rosters, student demographic information, Trac Codes, and actions are automatically loaded. As teachers and administrators use PlascoTrac Web, all data flows back to your central database in real time, providing all stake-holders instant visibility to student behavior.


We have also created one of our most powerful features to date, the PlascoTrac Dashboard which provides at-a-glance visual reports of trends, top 10 lists, watch lists, and even cross-school, cross-classroom comparisons. This dashboard function will become a valuable tool for teachers and administrators alike. Learn More…

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