education technologies|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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World Atlas

World Atlas This is the app you need to succeed in geography class. It provides high-res images with detail and accuracy beyond any Google image. For help in history class, the app provides world flags and facts about each country, including government types and capitals. Switch between three different map styles, including classic, antique and Full Article


Studious Instead of organizing your daily class schedule and homework assignments in a planner, turn to Studious to keep you on track. The app lets you set due dates ...Full Article


Shakespeare High school wouldn’t be complete without the complete works of William Shakespeare. However, understanding the intricate passages of Romeo and Juliet is no easy task. This app will ...Full Article

Easel SAT Prep Lite

Easel SAT Prep Lite The SAT is one of the most important tests in a high schooler’s career. This app makes preparation easy and hassle-free, so you can keep ...Full Article

Math Formulas

Math Formulas Struggling to keep your trigonometry formulas separate from your algebraic formulas? This app is your math savior. It stores frequently used forumlas for easy access and lets ...Full Article

Graphing Calc

Graphing Calculator Graphing calculators are expensive, but it’s almost impossible to get your calculus homework done without one. Consider investing in this app instead. It quickly plots and traces ...Full Article

Virtual Frog Dissection

Virtual Frog Dissection Slicing open a frog in biology class is fun for some, but for others, it can be messy and uncomfortable. This app removes the formaldehyde. You ...Full Article


EvernotePeek Making flashcards is a tedious process that most students don’t have time for. Evernote Peek takes the work out of the process. The app turns your iPad and ...Full Article


AccelaStudy Learning a foreign language is a core part of high school curriculum. Whether you’ve enrolled in fourth period French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese, this app will be your ...Full Article

The Chemical Touch

The Chemical Touch This app’s touch-sensitive periodic table will help make chemistry class much more interactive. Select different elements to learn more about their properties and get definitions of ...Full Article