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Interactive Science Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard Resources Science Jump-Start Achievement in Just 5 to 7 Minutes a Day! Prepare students for challenging test questions and reinforce skills in key science concepts with a program students love to use! Now, this easy-to-implement program includes interactive whiteboard technology! By providing both hands-on and visual representations, over 100 quick and ready-to-use activities engage Full Article

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives Equip Your Entire School or District with Virtual Manipulatives! Each Virtual Manipulative Site License Includes— Electronic version of a popular ETA/Cuisenaire manipulative* Electronic Teacher’s Notes that define ...Full Article


Zoomy™ Handheld Digital Microscope A handheld microscope that allows teachers and students to display images (up to 43X) on a computer screen, capture photos, record video, and download files ...Full Article

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard Digital Lesson Plans Get maximum use out of your whiteboard with these interactive digital lesson plans. Each Big Box contains a series of 3 books with digital ...Full Article

Core Learning®

Core Learning® Math Courses Assess and build key math skills with these complete math courses that cover entire math subject areas. Each course is organized to encourage progression in ...Full Article

SunSprouts® Science

Leveled Nonfiction Readers Integrate Science and Literacy! Here is the perfect cross-curricular resource! Outstanding photography and simple text support students as they learn NSE Standards-based science topics, increase their ...Full Article

InfoTrek® Science

Science Informational Texts Grades K—3 Leveled Nonfiction Integrates Science Content and Literacy Skills! Brilliant photography and informational text about familiar topics help students learn basic science concepts. Content builds ...Full Article

Daily Science Reinforcers™

Levels 1 -8 Prepare Students for Standardized Tests with Daily, Five-Minute Science Activities Maximize students’ performance on standardized tests Augment any science curriculum by building science vocabulary and assessment ...Full Article

Power of Science

Promote Scientific Inquiry and Discovery with Activity-Based Modules Grades 4-6 Unique activities and quality materials in nine NSE Standards-based modules foster a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning that complements ...Full Article

CenterStage Science

Set the Stage for Independent Science Learning! Ready-to-Use Science Centers Promote Independent Learning! Create a complete center-based learning environment for life, earth, and physical science, and save hours of ...Full Article