education technologies|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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PlascoTrac Visitor

Visitor Management Software for K-12 Schools PlascoTrac Visitor Management Software was one of our newest and most anticipated feature releases. Available as a system add-on, or as a stand-alone application, PlascoTrac Visitor manages who is coming on and off campus. Unlike most lobby-management applications that were created for corporations and government application, our easy-to-use and Full Article

PlascoTrac Classroom

PlascoTrac Classroom iOS App One of the challenges our schools have faced is the need to bring behavior tracking into the classroom, where students earn rewards. Purchasing hardware for ...Full Article

PlascoTrac Web

PlascoTrac Web for Teachers The power of PlascoTrac, extended to every device, every desktop. With PlascoTrac Web, you really can track student behavior anywhere you have a network connection. ...Full Article

PlascoTrac Event

We don’t define what an “event” is, we just give you the ability to track attendance. We developed the PlascoTrac Event module to provide schools with a mechanism to ...Full Article

PlascoTrac Mobile

Untether. You are free to move about your campus. PlascoTrac Mobile is by far our most popular add-on to the PlascoTrac Main Station because it gives schools the ability ...Full Article