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GED Xcelerator Reading Module

GED Prep Xcelerator Reading helps learners unlock skills vital to success on the GED Language Arts/Reading Test. Packed with passages and multiple-choice questions that align with the GED Language Arts/Reading Test, GED Prep Xcelerator Reading offers learners ample opportunities to use and apply essential reading skills and strategies. This intense, accelerated course provides learners with Full Article

GED Xcelerator Social Studies Module

Detailed passages. Documents. Rich graphics with map, charts, graphs, and timelines. You name it, and GED Prep Xcelerator Social Studies has it—in the form of accelerated and targeted lessons. ...Full Article

GED Xcelerator Science Module

From the depths of Earth’s core to the far reaches of space, GED Prep Xcelerator Science provides comprehensive content and universal support in skills acquisition and development, all designed ...Full Article

GED Xcelerator Math Module

For those who suffer from math anxiety, we offer a cure in GED Prep Xcelerator Mathematics. With hundreds of sample exercises, assessments, test-taking tips and other strategies, GED Prep ...Full Article

GED Xcelerator Writing Module

GED Prep Xcelerator Writing takes the fear out of composition by providing the practice opportunities and support mechanisms needed to construct well-written essays and revise an array of material. ...Full Article