education technologies|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Interactive Science Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard Resources Science Jump-Start Achievement in Just 5 to 7 Minutes a Day! Prepare students for challenging test questions and reinforce skills in key science concepts with a program students love to use! Now, this easy-to-implement program includes interactive whiteboard technology! By providing both hands-on and visual representations, over 100 quick and ready-to-use activities engage Full Article

Radius Solar System

Radius Solar System Card Set   Radius Card Set Solar System LER6946   Learn More…Full Article

Hot Dots Reading

HOT DOTS READING COMPREHENSION Hot Dots Reading Comprehension Sets-Hot Dots Reading Comprehension Set Each 50-story set contains 10 reading selections for each reading level, from grades 2 to 6. ...Full Article

Apple iPad Learning Labs

Apple iPad Learning Labs: An Apple iPad Learning Lab streamlines the management of classroom sets of iPad devices. Each lab includes 10 iPad devices and a sturdy and secure ...Full Article

Apple in the Classroom

An Apple product for every student. The best way to help students learn is on their own Mac, iPad or iPod touch. An Apple individual notebook program or mobile ...Full Article

iPad for All

iPad comes with a screen reader, support for playback of closed-captioned content, and other innovative universal access features — right out of the box. There’s no additional software to ...Full Article

The Learning Landscape

The Learning Landscape just got bigger: With built-in features like video mirroring and AirPrint, one iPad can teach an entire classroom. Video Mirroring With Video mirroring and the Apple ...Full Article


LANGUAGE TUTOR: Card Set More Sight Words Additional card sets for your Language Tutor provide even more opportunities to See, Hear, Speak, and Learn! Ages 6+/Grades 1+ EI-2312 More ...Full Article

Radius Improving Math

Radius Improving Math Problem Solving Grades 5-6 Radius Card Set Improving Math Problem Solving – Grades 5-6 LER6957 13-digit ISBN: 9781569112861   Learn More…Full Article