education technologies|Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Virtual Manipulatives 

Virtual Manipulatives

Equip Your Entire School or District with Virtual Manipulatives!

Each Virtual Manipulative Site License Includes—

  • Electronic version of a popular ETA/Cuisenaire manipulative*
  • Electronic Teacher’s Notes that define and explain the manipulative
  • Virtual workmats to create mathematical representations
  • Bonus PreK–8 electronic sample activities to support the manipulative

Maximize Student Learning with Exciting Virtual Manipulatives and Activities!
Engage students of all learning styles with authentic Virtual Manipulatives available only from ETA/Cuisenaire. Use with interactive whiteboards for demonstrations and whole class instruction, or set up student work stations on the classroom computers—the perfect complement to hands-on manipulatives for strengthening students’ understanding of math concepts!   Learn More…

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